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story ch. 04

it's been sometime, but i finally got influenced enough to write another chapter. read on, hope someone enjoys it. this one's a litte different.

i know you want this story to continue from the previous episode. you would like nothing more than to read on to what happens to these boys next. who threw the molotov? what does elizibeth want? will brian end up killing john because of the shrooms? the final question, what is so important about those documents?

i'm afraid i'm going to have to back up a bit. john and brian were best friends from the age of five. everyday brian would rush on over to john's upon waking up and play videogames, listen to music, and play in his back yard. they were inseperable. where you saw one, the other was sure to be close behind. they were like this all through grade school.

then, they hit highschool. they seperated. no longer inseperable. brian started hanging out at parties. he soon began quite a following. every weekend his life consisted of buying a case of beer, a couple bottles of whatever, and a bag of the finest marijuana availible. then he'd head to the weeks party. this was brian's life. he'd lost touch of everything. this is when his paranoia really started to come into play. he fear the cops were out to get him. he even feared the dealers whom he'd made so rich were coming for him, as well.

john, on the other hand, was leading a much different life. he was drinking somewhat, but that was the only drug he'd touched outside of cigarettes. he'd become very into heavy metal and ebm. he'd purchased many musical instruments and started recording his own songs. he began reading up on virtually everything government related. he then got into books by orwell. this is when john first started becoming quote/unquote anarchistic. he wasn't firebombing anything, yet, but the seed had been planted.

a few years later, amidst their senior year, john ran into brian at a party that he had attended. his only intention was to see who was still in the "cool" scene and drink up everyone's alcohol. it was the dead of winter so all the alcohol, short of liquor, was on the back patio in case parents or the police showed up. this particular party was at a home that was as large as a ranch style house can be. 6 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms. a huge living room that housed the most state of the art systems. each bedroom was covered with posters of the teen icons and musical artists of the age. one room it was "new kids on the block." next room, "axl rose and eddie". next, "front 242 and kmfdm." and so on and so forth. all the cds and films from everyone's independant collection that filled this home were in the last bedroom. this room had a small tv + vcr and a small stereo. the children weren't allowed to touch the main stereo, but of course they did when the parents weren't home. the outside was nothing short of extravagant. a humongous garden in the front yard. very beautiful. the backyard housed a clothes-line and a swingset that was obviously older than the hills.

anyway, john was spending most of the night out back with the 2 cases of cheap beer. there were 3 others out on the patio with him. they were talking several kinds of bullshit trying to outdo one another on whatever they could muster up. all of this was annoying john to no end. he's never been the kind to show off, especially on things he had no idea about. he didn't start a fight. he thought let the sheep kill eachother. he finished his fifth beer and then headed inside to see whom else was inside. there had to be better intellilectuals inside than these three barbarians.

he walked into the dining room. a nice table was in the middle. pictures of the children through various phases of school. a nice picture of some sort of flower. and a glass cabinet with various nic-naks collectiong over their life time. on the floor sat someone whom was obviously on acid fiddling with a keyboard. john waved and the character seemed not to even notice he was there. john walked into the kitchen and grabbed a random bottle of liquor. he didn't care what it was at this point. he just wanted to get fucked up and fast. the beer didn't do shit for him.

he continued into the living room. there were about 12 people sitting and bullshitting. the topics ranged from concerts to films to the newest videogames. he walked up to the three talking about the latest nine inch nails show (nin was still very small at this point) and asked if he could sit down and just listen. they didn't mind. he sat in front of them and introduced himself.

after about 20 minutes of hearing them talk about the small live show and his only full length effort, pretty hate machine. he asked if there was any chance he could here this band. he was very interested. one fellow stood up and said, "sure, john is it? i think brian brought it with him." he replied, "yes, john. brian you say?" "yeah, have you met him?" "that depends. if it's the same fellow i'm thinking of than he use to be my bestfriend."

they walk down this hall lined of more pictures of the family. then they get to the end and into this average sized room, the same one i spoke of earlier with the albums and such. the guy said, "brian, this is..."

brian jumps up instantly and shouts, "john!" john then says, "holy shit!" the guy then says, "ahh, i see you know eachother. anyway, john here is interested in hearing Pretty Hate Machine." brian looks at john and says, "you've not heard this?" john shakes his head, "well, you're about to," says brian.

he puts on the record and both of them catch up on old times. the fellow that showed john to this room leaves. john offers brian some of the bottle he snatched up and brian denies. brain says, "i can't drink while tripping. i just can't handle it." john tips the bottle back and chugs a good one. brian then offers john some acid. john denies.

over the course of the next year brian and john hang out quite frequently. almost like old times. john shares with brian his knowledge that he's collected about the government. this is where they begin to prepare molotovs and fire bombs. first experimenting on their damage. this is just the beginning of what is to come.

the last day of high school for these two was a memorable one. this was 1997. john wore the NIN shirt that read, "i want to fuck you like an animal" on the back. brian wore a shirt that read "find it, fuck it, forget it." on the back. so, naturally, the school officials didn't quite like these boys, but figured, "hey, it's their last day. let them have their fun." both kids walked through school with this huge smile on their face.

see, there was this one kid, Joe Fallon, that was always picking on them. he'd throw dog shit in their lockers, call them fags, that sort of thing. he was a jock. head quarterback on the undefeated football team. so, this guy really hated these guys that seemed to have no interest in football. of course, this kid got away with everything. he was stupid as shit, but got passing grades to keep him elegible for the season.

as they passed Joe in the halls they just said, "fuck off, bitch." at ever encounter. Joe just replied by throwing his books at the ground and raising his arms yelling, "you want some of this? i'll kick your ass." brian and john just said, "wait untill after school, asshole." they had a plan.

school was let out and john and brian were the first one's out of the door with a videocamera aimed at Joe's car. they hid cleverly behind a dumpster, but they could still see Joe's car perfectly.

Joe waited around for about 10 minutes. he then figured the two had ran like bitches as soon as the bell rang. Joe fired up his car and heard what sounded like a small explosion come from his trunk. he went back to investigate. everything in his trunk was destroyed and a note that said, "Joe, fuck you. we finally got you. how does it feel to be the bitch? your's truely, the fags."

very pissed joe said, "where the fuck are you guys at?" they then jumped from behind the dumpster with a bag of brown substance in there hands and wearing surgical gloves. they ran at Joe and reached in the bags smearing this all over Joe. it was dog shit. they then proceded to kick him. "hahaha! you fucking faggot! you suck," chanted the boys. they then ran off into brians camaro and drove off. they'd won.

from that day Joe Fallon has been ungodly afraid of these guys. i guess he didn't like people whom fight back. he just wanted to be the bully.

this was the first that these two actually attacked anyone, and they liked it. not because it was attacking a creature, but because he deserved it. he was no good. it made them feel better in a way. four years of torture and hatred finally let loose for five minutes while he got exactly what he deserved. these boys decided to do this to everyone that deserved it, but they'd have to plan better. the more important the individual, the bigger the chance of being jailed.

a couple years later, papers read, "candicate for govener killed by firebomb. he supported animal testing and was going to pass a law allowing animal testing to be done by whomever wished to do so. animal cruelty for the sake of science." the police blamed two local animal rights activists, not brian and john. they felt bad for someone else taking the heat for this, but it was a small price to pay.

they continued on like this for a small while. they weren't feeling good about their work. they started collecting information on government officals. these included, the fbi, cia, all the president's men, and even stuff on the current president. there was corruption all around and they intended to stop it. they didn't know how quite yet, but they planned to.

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