Kid Tested, Satan Approved (highcastle) wrote in copywrite,
Kid Tested, Satan Approved

Originally Posted 3 August 2003.

Copyright JJM 2003

And when the stars began to lose their light,
and the heavier molecules, the uranium, the tungsten,
even carbon and silicates, began to degrade into
individual electrons and protons, those that had
descended from mankind had still not had the most
basic Question answered for them.

Even after man had left the blue and green orb
that was the earth, and had spread his seed across
what turned out to be a rather lonely galaxy, until
they evolved and changed into the very aliens that they
wrote about in ancient science fiction novels, even
then, they sought the answer to the Question.

And when the galaxy festered and grew crowded
with the teeming masses of humanity, until colonies
were formed in the vast reaches of Andromeda, the
Magellans, and all that the universe had to offer was
laid bare, even then, man still questioned.

Until at last, universal expansion had crept to a
standstill, and the world was cold, for all energy had
been dispersed in the form of heat until men were
composed of simple bodies of electrons, or if they
were lucky, patches of heat in a solitary universe.

Things got better, after a time, when the Universe
began to contract, and time sped up.

Even then they knew that it was the end. As the last
survivors of a sad and empty universe huddled for
warmth, awaiting an inevitable conclusion, wondering
what it would be like, the absence of existence. Men
merged, and formed, and did the opposite of Multiply.

A million humans to the power of 24 once roamed the
vast expanses of the universe. Every generation, to
conserve energy, rather than multiply, they integrated.
Two who met and, for all intents and purposes, fell in
love, would merge, until only one was left.

And this continued for Aeons.

Until at last, was Jon. The last man.

And the universe was fierce. and tiny, and full of all

In many ways, he carried the entire history of Man
within him. From his days as Protozoa, to hunters, to
scientists, to Gods, and now, One Man, with all the
souls within him that ever did exist.

He was quite lonely. The world with which he created
was one meant to appease him until the End of Days.
Its designer meant for it to be reminiscent of all
the good things that the world of men had to offer.

In essence, it was a reflection of Eden.

And the food was good, and plentiful, and there was
much to do.

And yet he was alone. And the Question was still not

Until one day, he awoke, and there was an eerie silence
to the world. He walked into the Great Garden, and at
the end of the pathway, there was a door that had not
been there the day before. He walked slowly, his
heartbeat varying only slightly.

As he opened the door, a great light filled the world,
until it encompassed all that was, and swallowed it

He was in a great room, lit, it seemed, from no
apparent source of light, for how could there be
light, as photons became extinct several million years

In the room, sat a man. The first man that Jon had
seen in a very long time.

Jon sat next to him and asked "Are you him?"

The old man smiled, sad, tired eyes looking back at
him. Yet there was something strangely familiar and
yet so youthful and vibrant about them. Tears welled
up in those eyes as the old man asked

"Are YOU him?"

They sat there quite still for some time. Man had
learned to conserve energy in those days. Perhaps
millenia had passed, Jon did not know.

Until the last vestiges of the Universe collapsed all
around them.

Until there was perfect Order, and the Universe was
but a point of infinite energy.

Until, at last, the Question had been answered.
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