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"i'm investigating fire-bombings here in town." says the F.B.I. agent, "you wouldn't know anything about that, would you boys?"

"no, we wouldn't." says john.
"this is a big city. sounds like those are regular for us." says brian.

"yes, i understand that, guys. i've been trailing these guys for sometime now. just missing them everytime. they started in seattle and are now here in chicago, or so it seems. let me give you my card and if you hear anything don't hesitate to give me a call."

they take the card and agree. the agent leaves and they return to their apartment.

Brian paces around trying to make heads or tails of what the agent was saying and why he was asking them. he then suddenly shouts, "i've never been to Seattle! either someone is really fire-bombing places or they just want us to know they're on to us." Brian finally takes a seat in his favorite chair and carresses the remote control.

there's a clicking sound as the stereo turns on and KMFDM's Nihil begins playing at a moderate level. Brian reclines the chair and closes his eyes.

John turns on the television and begins playing a first person shooter. he then says to Brian, "what if they know it's us? if so, all they know about is the bombings. they don't know about all our knowledge."

"yes, but the bombings alone can put us away for several years. all our hard work is to suffer because of that."

"then, we cease our bombings for the time being and work on the other."

"all the documents are at homeboy's house."

"not really."

Brian looks at John dumbfounded.

John laughs and replies with, "i've everything backed up, man. it's right there." he points to the ceiling.

Brian laughs and pushes up the ceiling panel reveiling a small box full of cd-rs that appear to be unopened.

"these aren't opened." says Brian.

"they appear that way. remember when i was working in that cd factory? when everyone left for break one day i snuck them in with some britney spears cds or something and got them shrinkwrapped. they were none the wiser. same way i got all those rare cds wrapped to look unopened."

"pure genius."

"you can call me John, thank you." he then laughs.

"haha! yes, John."

Brian sits back down and closes his eyes for a second. when he opens them he realizes that this is all wrong. there's an F.B.I. agent after them, they have knowledge on the government that could get them killed, they've fire-bombed many important government officals and he had ingested to many shrooms only hours ago.

he begins seeing his favorite photograph mutate. it then animates. he watches as what looks like Tim Skold grabs a Katana sword and walks towards John as he's playing videogames and pulls the sword above his head. just as Tim is about to bring the sword down severing John's head Brian screams, "my god, tim! don't do that! i need him, you asshole!"

John snaps around and sees Brian's face and says, "fuck, not now." John then runs to Brian and says, "snap out of it! it's the shrooms taking effect! focus on something else!"

Brain replys with, "that was intense i need water." just as he was getting up a sound of broken glass and a pungeant stench of burning floor erupts. they both run to the kitchen to evaluate.

"those fucking bastards!" says John.
"the aryan twins, i bet it was them."
"we can't run to conclusions, bud."

they both hurry and put out the fire. apparently someone threw a molotov cocktail through the window as a warning.

"let's get out of here. i need a drink." says John.
"good idea, let me put those cds in a fireproof box."

Brian fire proofs the documents and they leave.

"shit, here comes elizebeth. wonder what she wants?", says Brian.

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