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out of reach

-Sage knew it was a risk to bring him here. This spot, her spot, was so sacred to her. She thought maybe he would want to share a moment or two with her here. Alone. He had to love her now right? He had drived the six hours to be with her, if only for a little while. Even though he hadn't said it, he had to feel it. The only thing was, this place where she had brought him was a place for romance. If he charmed her, Sage may not be able to say "no" this time. This time could be the one time. The first time. But she loved him, without a doubt. None. She owed him this. Didn't she?

-As Sage drove her '92 honda to the clearing, she could smell the marsh. Home. This put her nerves at ease, if only for a minute. She sighed, and looked to her right, and all her questions came back. William. Will. The guy she loved. He looked oddly comfortable. Smug, even. But she knew that he loved her. Why would Will leave his secure vacation spot in North Carolina during his spring break to visit her at her dad's house on the island? At this hour? Sage looked at the clock. 2:13 a.m. It's not everyday that your boyfriend hunts you down to your exact location, and calls your cell to tell you he's outside your door, waiting for you. It's not everyday that your boyfriend is waiting at your father's door with a dozen of your favorite flowers(yellow roses), just because he said he missed you.

-Will's eyes were soaking into hers. He put his hand on her cheek, "You're shaking," he said in a way that seemed like amusement masked by concern. He ran his hand through her straight dirty blond hair. Slow. Seducing. They were still in the car. Sage's least favorite place for romance. When their relationship was new and fresh, it was wild and fun. She smiled at the memory of them trying to find a "safe" place to park and fool around. Will hadn't had his jeep yet, and she drove him around because she didn't trust him with her car. However, the thrill ended after a while, and that's when Will started asking for so much more than she was willing to give. A whole year they had been dating. And he could still make her swoon.

-"Are we going to stay in the car? Or are you going to show me this incredible spot you've been raving about?" Will didn't seem impatient, just eager. Sage had talked about "the dock" a lot, about how it was her most favorite place to be. It was only a few minutes away from her father's house. It was simple beauty in its finest form. Sage only answered Will by opening her door and walking to the front of the car. Her nerves overwhelmed her and she felt out of control, and she didn't like it. William calmly strolled toward the front of her car, and gave her a single yellow rose out of her bouquet and put it behind her ear. He leaned in. Why did he always know what time was the best to kiss her? And why did she like it so much. Sage wanted to tell him how much she loved him. Would he understand?

-Without words they reached for eachother's hands and slowly stolled inbetween the trees heading towards the dock. Sage realized that the two of them had never understood eachother so clearly. Her doubts vanished and realized that this was perfect just the way it was. The sounds and smells swept over her. Saltwater and marshes. Waves crashing. The spicy spring winds wipped her hair. Sage closed her eyes and let William lead her out to the edge of the dock. She felt his breath behind her when they stoped. He was behind her and hugging her tight. The stars watched down on them, twinkling in jealousy.
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